Monday, September 2, 2013

Nikitie Contest

This is the Nikitie Contest announcement.

How to play the game.

1. We have an oral tradition that Nikitie Gabriel was a guide for George Washington. The purpose of this contest will be to see if there is any mention of an Indian guide or interpreter in George Washington's papers.

2. The contest will include George Washington's papers but also Christopher Gist's papers (He knew George Washington and Daniel Boone and I have a hunch he may have had some contact with our people.) I will also include the writings of Abraham Wood, for obvious reasons. So to summarize: we will be searching the papers of George Washington, Christopher Gist and Abraham Wood. I have included links to the papers at the bottom of our "Cast of Characters" page. You may find more. Please post if you find more so I can add them to the links.

3. You will receive 1 point for each mention you find of an Indian guide or interpreter. To receive a point you will need to include where you found it. Sign your name. An example would be: I found this in a letter written by G. Washington on Dec. 12, 1750 - "we paid an Indian guide from XYZ tribe to escort us through LMNOP Gap" found at by Catherine dee Auvil

4. You will receive 50 points if you find a mention of a WOMAN guide or interpreter. You will receive 100 points if you find a reference to Nikitie (or Nikitie spelling variations)!

5. I hope you already have an account at because that is where we are going to collect the entries. Go to this page and follow the directions. If you have ANY problems let me know : )

Good Luck and Have Fun! 

About the prize: a quartz arrowhead found near Jamestown, Virginia.

Catherine dee Auvil

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