Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Fillable Birthday Calendar for Evernote

Fillable Birthday Calendar for Evernote

I couldn't find a fillable birthday calendar for Evernote so I made one. This is an Open Office file. You will want to open it in your word processor, select all, copy, and paste into a new Evernote page. You can now fill in the names. The reason I say this is for Evernote is because as a word processor document it fits on the page but as soon as you start to fill in names it will be too tight and the names will not fit they will just start a column of letters. Unless you want to use short terms for people or initials - you will want to use it in Evernote where it will expand with the names entered. Everyone should have Evernote anyway! I use mine every day!

This item is an instant digital download. You will be able to download as soon as your payment is received.

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