Monday, March 24, 2014

Pamela Courson

I saw Oliver Stone's The Doors for the second time last night. The first time I saw it, years ago, I was more interested in Meg Ryan's portrayal of Pam Courson, Jim Morrison's common law wife. Great performance. When I watched last night I thought maybe I should read about Pam. I didn't know anything about her really. Wikipedia says she had, for a short time, a fashion boutique on La Cienega Boulevard called Themis. The location is now a rug store. You can go on a tour of locations at The Doors Guide to Los Angeles. From pictures on the 'net it looks like the clothes were Bohemian, a mix of ethnic and vintage. Wish I knew more about that store. I also didn't know that she died less than three years after Jim. So I ordered this book - Angels Dance And Angels Die: The Tragic Romance of Pamela and Jim Morrison - it has good reviews at Amazon. People say it is well researched. One reviewer wrote that after Jim died their so called friends stopped coming by and The Doors sued her because she inherited everything - all of the rights to their music. It must have been chaos for her. She was only 24. If you would like to watch The Doors again here are some links:

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  1. Catherine, a lot of people are jealous of Pamela Courson and for that reason speak ill of her, but I agree with you that she is an interesting character in The Doors saga. I also read The Angels Die book and it completely changed my opinion of Pamela. I believe she really was Jim Morrison's sole-mate. I hope you don't mind, but I reblogged your piece on my website: