Saturday, July 26, 2014

A short history of Auvil research.

If you are new to Auvil genealogy maybe I should do a little round-up for you so you know who came before you.

The first I knew about Auvil genealogy is when Ida Wheeler, granddaughter of Llewellyn Auvil, gave some xeroxed copies of family trees to my grandmother Jean (Rutherford) Auvil and Jean showed them to us. Ida knew Jinx Hartung, granddaughter of Josephine Annette Auvil. Jinx wrote the Auvil Lines newsletter and as far as I know did most of the pain-staking, dusty book, micro-fiche in dark library basement research that forms the basis of what we know about the Auvils. Whenever we can we have noted that a certain clue or document was found by Jinx (or anyone else).
When the Internet was new I put up everything I had been given by Jinx up at a website called After some years really struggling as a widowed mom, I didn't see the priority (financially) of maintaining the website any longer and  fortunately Jolene Uyehara Auvil uploaded all the files to a free website so we don't have to be concerned with annual fees anymore. You can see it all here: Forest for the Trees (Thanks Jo!)
At about this time Don Auvil, son of Simeon Hannibal Auvil, compiled his research into a self-published book. I don't know if that book is available for purchase but I will find out and post the info here.
There are many more people who were doing research in that era and Jo made a great list that she included at the Forest site, I will quote her here.
This part of our site stands in appreciation to and is made possible by Catherine [dee] Auvil and the diligent, tireless Auvil genealogists who contributed to the former website: Dennis Auvil, Don Auvil, Carla Cegielski, Geneva Jinx Hartung, Nicholas Sturm, Larry Duane Spessert, Stan Galperson, April Matthews, Mary Elizabeth Auvil, Barbara Warden, Bob A. White, Charles William Auvil, Jr., Gene Auville, Nancy Rogers, Vicki Haas, to name just a few.
(I should note here that I began using my middle name  mostly for genealogy reasons. Catherine is a common name and if there is a Catherine Auvil in the future who is interested in Auvil genealogy I hope that she uses her middle name so we can distinguish between us. I hope all the John, Don and Mary Auvils in the future do the same!)
Currently we are all meeting at the Facebook Auvil Genealogy Group. If you are not into Facebook I sympathize! But it is the best thing we have found to work for us right now. Please join us there.
Now who is currently researching the Auvil family tree? I will try to gather that information and post it here.

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  1. I am so amazed at the dedication of Auvil family genealogists. Thank you, Catherine, for always being a beacon!