Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Add Screen to Kitchen Cabinet Doors Under Sink DIY Project

We are trying to make the cabin freeze-proof. Step one is to put screens in the cabinet doors under the sink so we don't have to leave them open to get warm air in there. We are also trying to simplify the cabin so we don't have to have pages of instructions for people to stay there. So this is how I did it.

Assemble your supplies

Drill holes for the jig saw

Let the cat inspect your work

Use a jig saw to cut out the middle

Duct tape screen in place and staple

Add molding to front to hide ugly parts. Glue in place. Paint.


Update: I just found this tutorial on how to add glass to kitchen cabinet doors. It would be helpful to also read that post if you are adding glass OR screen to your kitchen cabinets.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Augusta, South Carolina 120 Year Old Woman - eBay Photo

South Carolina 120 Year Old Woman - used with permission

This is a new mystery. An eBay photo shows an elderly woman and on the back is written "BREUER BLACK about 120 years old!" and"taken 13 Nov. 1920". The photograph was acquired in Augusta, South Carolina. 

Is Breuer Black the woman's name? Can you find any account in newspapers of a woman reaching 120 years in the year 1920? Can you find any help in Augusta, South Carolina to help identify this image?

If we do determine that her name was Breuer Black we will create a page for her at WeRelate. In the meantime you can discuss it here.

Original eBay listing. (Note: I always ask permission to use images and info from sites where I get contest ideas. This image was used with permission.)

This mystery is part of a contest to encourage people to learn to edit at WeRelate, a free genealogy website. Read more about the contest.

For the status of this contest and previous contests see Previous Winners.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Best Friend Genealogy

Image by clotho98 at Flickr

For the WeRelate contest this week I am going to talk about Best Friend Genealogy. Maybe I just invented that term but it is what I use to describe using someone's known best friend, following them through documents, and seeing if it sheds any light on your ancestor. I have used it to learn more about my ancestor Johannes Abel because I know that Henry Cronise was his best friend (witness at his wedding to Magdalena). They also served together in the Revolutionary War. So even though Johannes Abel is spelled different ways in documents - Henry Cronise is easier to find. So if I search for Henry Cronise I have found a "John Aubel" and other variations for my Johannes Abel. This weeks contest - is Taverner Ross, who already has a page at WeRelate. He is the best friend of Elinipisco who may or may not be the father of my 5th great grandfather (long story). If I learn more about Taverner I will learn about Elinipisco. And I recently found a reference to Taverner, a pretty important one, that is not on his WeRelate page so I am curious if anyone else can find it. Good Luck!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Help identify this image - possibly Spokane

Sometimes I search on eBay for "antique photo Spokane" (I collect local photographs) and yesterday this photo popped up. I just hate the thought of images getting lost or forgotten and there are two things not often found in old photos that could help identify the subject of this photo - a name written on the back and a painted sign on a building in the background. Can you transcribe the name written on the back of the photograph? There were many barns painted with Block Bros Tobacco West Virginia Mail Pouch signs, can you tell from the shape of the building and the fact it is on a hill where this sign is located? Do you think it is Spokane like the seller is guessing? *I did contact the seller and ask his permission to blog about this. If you do something like this I recommend asking the seller first - some do not want their auctions blogged about. Respect their choices. Here are the photos and the link to the auction.