Sunday, June 7, 2015

Help identify this image - possibly Spokane

Sometimes I search on eBay for "antique photo Spokane" (I collect local photographs) and yesterday this photo popped up. I just hate the thought of images getting lost or forgotten and there are two things not often found in old photos that could help identify the subject of this photo - a name written on the back and a painted sign on a building in the background. Can you transcribe the name written on the back of the photograph? There were many barns painted with Block Bros Tobacco West Virginia Mail Pouch signs, can you tell from the shape of the building and the fact it is on a hill where this sign is located? Do you think it is Spokane like the seller is guessing? *I did contact the seller and ask his permission to blog about this. If you do something like this I recommend asking the seller first - some do not want their auctions blogged about. Respect their choices. Here are the photos and the link to the auction.

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