Monday, September 28, 2015

Amazon Push Button WiFi Enabled Reorder Buttons

Amazon Dash Buttons - this one is for re-ordering Tide with this WiFi enabled push button

So, apparently, Amazon has created these new WiFi enabled push buttons that will reorder your most often purchased brand items. I am always running out of laundry soap. But it's not just for laundry soap it's for cleaning supplies, groceries, pet food, baby supplies, health & beauty. I'm also always running out of dog food and dog treats. But the first one I'm going to try is the laundry soap button. What you need to do is download an app and then buy the button you want to use (4.99 but then you get a 4.99 coupon). It will be mailed to you. There is also a Mrs. Meyers Clean Day button.

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