Monday, September 2, 2013

J. A. AUVIL, Davis, W. Va.

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
March 24 1892
For Sale
A Bargain for Thirty Days.
Two nice lots 80x132 1/2 feet, both, two squares from the depot, one lot from corner, building 22x18 2/3 feet. First floor, store room, renting at 15$ a month, in advance. I live in the balance, which can rent at $10 a month. Town of Davis, W. Va., six years old, 2,ooo population and building rapidly. Price $1,500, one-half down, balance in six and twelve months, or $1,400 down. Also two fine lots in Elkins, two squares from depot, very cheap. If not sold in thirty days will mortgage all low. Clear titles. Reason for selling, going west for health. For particulars, adress mr23
J. A. AUVIL, Davis, W. Va.

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