Thursday, July 3, 2014

Who owns the Agnes Tazewell Tizah-nee (Bailey) Cline daguerreotype?

Who owns this daguerreotype of Agnes Tazewell Tizah-nee (Bailey) Cline and scanned it for the Internet? I'd like to ask them if we could use it for our *Nikitie group.

*Nikitie Group: We have a study group for all the people who are descended from the Longhunters who inter-married with the Shawnee, Cherokee, Powhatan and other tribes and lived in a place called Indian, Virginia from about 1700 to present day. If you are a descendant or you would like to study this group please join here: Nikitie Group

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  1. Not sure who owns it but you might want to ask Dale Cline. He runs the Cline family group on Facebook. Agnes Tazzie Tizah-neh Bailey Cline is my grandmother's great-grandmother and my grandma grew up in the house that her father lived in when his mom Amanda took care of her mom "Tazzie" because she lived with her, so I have a definite connection to this side of the family for sentimental reasons as well. I spoke to a daguerreotype expert who claimed that this photo could not have been taken during the time period when Tazzie was young, thus this has to be a misidentified photograph and is in fact NOT Tazzie. Who she is remains a mystery, but is not Tazzie, based on the age of the photograph. Take care ---