Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Evernote Online Shared Notebook Kludge

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I am working on some projects that will require sharing some Evernote notebooks online. Right away there is a problem. Although Evernote allows you to set the view (by date or title) in your notebooks, when you share them online the first view you see is defaulted to last note created at the top. So, yes, the viewer can then go to the bottom of the page and choose "view options" but who is going to know how to do that? Not about 99% of my readers. They are just going to be lost in the jumble of notes in an odd order and they are going to leave. So. Yes I have checked the message boards and no one else likes this but it will not be changed any time soon. I think most people would want it to default to either how you set it in your own offline notebook, or default to title and you would number or label each note to display how you want the viewer to see it. By the way, I don't really have time to search the forums for things like this. Evernote - please get some kind of voting system in place because I bet this would be number one change request.

My kludge is to create a note and then go into its info and change the date created to 2025. Hopefully I will remember to change that in 2025 (if I am still alive). That way when a new reader looks at my shared notebook they will see the note that I chose at the top. I also title the note "1 - Table of Contents", that way if Evernote changes the default to title or to my chosen offline view (title) - either way "1 - Table of Contents" will come up first and I won't have to change all my notebooks.

If you have a better way or if you hear they are going to change the default view policy please let me know!

Evernote Kludge #1

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