Monday, October 6, 2014

Tim McGraw - Daniel Smith Connection

(This is especially for my Indian Creek Nikitie study group) I was watching a re-run of Who Do You Think You Are? - Tim McGraw - and I heard them mention our Daniel Smith who lived at Indian Creek, Virginia. He was best friends with our Thomas Mastin. They were friends at Indian Creek and then decided to move to Tennessee together where Daniel Smith became senator. The episode of WDYTYA touches on a lot of our genealogy. They even showed a map that Daniel Smith (he was also a surveyor) made. Here is a map he made of the headwaters of the Clinch:

(Click on Image for larger size) I circled our Indian Creek in red. He includes "Burk's Garden" and Abb Valley - both important places for our families.


  1. Thanks, Dee. This is not as interesting, but I have a survey by Daniel Smith here:

    According to "Daniel Smith, frontier statesman" (Walter R. Durham) Daniel Smith surveyed 134 acres for Philemon Kavenaugh the same day (Google snippet).

  2. Barb - that's really nice to have. I've been looking around and I haven't found good scans of his other maps. I'd like to have frame-able copies if anyone knows where to find them.