Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Photoshelter's Lattice needs watermarks!

I can't use Photoshelter's new crowd-editing Pinterest alternative, Lattice, because I can't put my images on the Internet without a watermark and here is why:

I have an image of a nutrition label that is very popular. I know for a fact it has never sold with an extended license. It showed up in a magazine with a circulation of 1.5 million. My agency has a limit of 500,000 reproductions, after that you have to purchase an extended license. There isn't one on record. I contacted my agency - they said that because the image is available on my personal portfolio they will not contact the magazine and ask them for the extended license amount. So I am screwed on this one transaction.

I can't really afford to lose ANY sales. And I can't do anything that will make it harder for me to get compensated for future sales.

So I can't put my images on Lattice without a watermark.

Now I am really curious if anyone else feels the same way. So I started a poll.

Would you let me know how you feel about Lattice and watermarks?

Catherine dee Auvil


  1. There are two issues for me with PS Lattice, the first being a visible ID, the second being content control of the material shown. The symbol could be small and consistent across all images...but PS declines this for now.

    The second issue is the killer for my agency. When a photographer curates a board that person becomes a gate-holder for content. There is a conflict of interest because that person can restrict what a competitor can include in the board/portfolio. I am not going to have a competitor decide which of my images to show next to his or her images when the marketplace is involved. I addressed this to PS and was assured it would be corrected but it apparently has not. I realize Lattice is essentially in a beta-test mode currently but it is still too buggy for me to invest in it.

  2. @Catherine - send the client a bill directly for usage. It has nothing to do with the limitations YOU have placed around the usage. The difference between 1.5 mil and 500K is some monetary compensation which a court of Law will agree. Your agency is mistaken and lazy. YOU make the rules not them.

    Just so you know - I do make rules. Regardless of who the agency is and I have numerous contracts.