Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Organizing with wire baskets

Wire basket available at Amazon
This is the basket I use most often at my house. In my kitchen, I keep apples in them and sometimes onions. But don't put them right next to each other because they will give off gases that make each other ripen too fast. So one basket on one side of the kitchen with fruit and one on the other side of the kitchen with onions and garlic works best. They look like gym lockers we had in high school and I had to get over thinking about that because they are so perfect for the job, sturdy and easy to clean. I have one for library books and one for cleaning supplies under the sink in the bathroom.

Magazine rack/fruit storage available at Amazon

File basket available at
I have three of these wall-mounted baskets in my office. 1. Inbox 2. Finished Projects 3. Inspirational Images or a beautiful magazine.

Antique Black Organizing Rack available at Amazon

Magazine organizer available at
Here's a larger version also rustic-industrial chicken wire design.

Glory & Grace Large Rustic Industrial Wall Mount Metal and Wire General Store Multi-Bin Storage Baskets

I want to get one of these for my dining room so people can grab some fruit if they are still hungry after dinner - making it more convenient to eat right.
Storage baskets available at
Same three-compartment storage basket - this one is vertical.

Whenever I move this is one of the first things I buy - a three tier basket - I use them for onions and garlic. It's really the best way to store fruits and veggies because the air circulation keeps the produce from going bad as fast. You can often find them at the dollar store.

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