Friday, June 19, 2015

Best Friend Genealogy

Image by clotho98 at Flickr

For the WeRelate contest this week I am going to talk about Best Friend Genealogy. Maybe I just invented that term but it is what I use to describe using someone's known best friend, following them through documents, and seeing if it sheds any light on your ancestor. I have used it to learn more about my ancestor Johannes Abel because I know that Henry Cronise was his best friend (witness at his wedding to Magdalena). They also served together in the Revolutionary War. So even though Johannes Abel is spelled different ways in documents - Henry Cronise is easier to find. So if I search for Henry Cronise I have found a "John Aubel" and other variations for my Johannes Abel. This weeks contest - is Taverner Ross, who already has a page at WeRelate. He is the best friend of Elinipisco who may or may not be the father of my 5th great grandfather (long story). If I learn more about Taverner I will learn about Elinipisco. And I recently found a reference to Taverner, a pretty important one, that is not on his WeRelate page so I am curious if anyone else can find it. Good Luck!

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