Thursday, July 9, 2015

Teddy Roosevelt Portrait on the Blue Blood's Frank Reagan Office Set

Where can I get a Teddy Roosevelt portrait just like the one on Blue Bloods?

I love set design. And vintage images. We do watch Blue Bloods (we are Tom Selleck fans) so, yes, I did notice that spectacular portrait of Teddy Roosevelt in Police Commissioner Frank Reagan's office.

So I found the actual print and here is how to get one of your own.

teddy roosevelt blue bloods portrait


You can purchase a print of this image HERE in several sizes but I think the 16 x 20 is the closest size to the BB image. I went shopping for a frame. I hadn't ordered a frame online in years and, wow, it has not gotten any easier. I could not find a frame website I can recommend. I usually shop at Amazon for convenience so I went there next. Finding a frame and mat was not so easy. I couldn't find one exactly like BB but I did find this gold frame:

gold frame

And I did find mat in two color choices. I think the BB portrait has a creme colored mat but you could also use white.

You may want to purchase the print and take it to your local framer.

If you find a better frame or mat at Amazon please let me know. And if you can recommend an online frame shop please tell us!


For people who don't have time to roll their own head over to Imagekind where you can purchase the print already matted and framed. If you purchase from Imagekind, and if you have time, please let me know what your experience was like. Thanks! Catherine

Purchase a ready-made portrait at Imagekind

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  1. As police commissioner, TR built a reputation that led him to state office, then...well the rest is history.