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Rest in Peace: Harriet Klausner Amazon Reviewer Hall of Fame

I just read about Harriet Klausner, an Amazon Reviews Hall of Famer. It was said she read 4 or 5 books every day. And that she only gave good reviews. That made some people skeptical of her opinion but I agree that a good policy is to only give reviews when you like something. You can read more about Harriet at The Wall Street Journal.

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Currently Reading: A Story of the Swanson Family, "Montana Pioneers"

The Swanson Family Montana Pioneers deeAuvil blog
The Swanson Family "Montana Pioneers" at

Currently reading: a book I picked up (signed copy!) at the Elmira Store. It follows members of the Swanson family, Ruby, Myrtle, Florence and William as they travel the world teaching in Sweden, Japan, Hawaii and then return home to Troy, Montana to run a family lodge. Together they wrote the book about their adventures. Florence became a prominent child psychologist in New Jersey and when she passed she donated 100 acres adjacent to their lodge to the YMCA to be used for  recreational purposes. In 1940, Myrtle lived at the Barbizon Hotel for Women while teaching in New York City. (Read more about the hotel)

The Barbizon Hotel for Women in 1927 -- photo Library of Congress
The Barbizon Hotel for Women in 1927 -- photo Library of Congress

The original lodge, built in 1947 has been for sale on and off but is currently off the market. You can see it at Zillow.

The Swanson Family Montana Pioneers deeAuvil blog
The Swanson Lodge in Troy, Montana

The Swanson Family Montana Pioneers deeAuvil blog

In 1955 Ruby wrote a cookbook of their lodge recipes. (Favorite Recipes From Swansons Mountain View Lodge at Some of the recipes included were:

Home Baked Beans
Corn Fritters
Superb Swedish Meat Balls
Smothered Chicken
Salmon Loaf
Potato Souffle
Onion Shortcake
Macaroni Salad
Swedish Bread
Mrs. Truman’s Ozark Pudding
Cantaloupe Sauce for Ice Cream
Cinnamon Cookies
Swedish Spice Cookies
Chocolate Pie
Frozen Lemon Chiffon Pie
more recipes online:

Ruby Swanson's Peanut Butter Cookies

Have you ever been to the lodge? Do you have a favorite Scandinavian recipe? Please share in the comments!

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Link List: Environmental Inspirations

This image is available with a Royalty-free license at

I created a link list of TV shows and sites with videos with inspiring environmental themes. (also some links with resources but no videos) We watch with our morning coffee to get inspired for the day. Subjects include renewable energy, organic gardening and agriculture, recycling. I am keeping the list in my Evernote account so I can easily update it. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Freebie Friday: Simple, Free Bill of Sale

I needed a bill of sale from the Internet and I don't want to register with a site, receive a newsletter or remember a password. Hard to find, so I ended up making my own and I want to share it with you to hopefully save you some aggravation. It is a .PDF sized to print out on 8.5x11 inch paper. When you click the links below it will take you directly to the document in my Google Drive. No run-around. You are welcome.

Vehicle Bill of Sale
Animal Bill of Sale (for dogs & horses etc.)
Bill of Sale (for everything else)

If you appreciate this freebie consider shopping through my Amazon link. Thanks!

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WeRelate Contest: Sheriff Stephen Brown & Photographer Miss Solberg

c.1910 Cheyenne (Sheyenne) North Dakota Indian Sherriff eBay seller apple13

Found this image on eBay. I love vintage images with a juxtaposition of cultures - this man with his traditional hair pipe vest also has European spectacles and a sheriff's badge. He is the subject of our WeRelate contest this week. He has been identified by the eBay seller as Stephen Brown of Sheyenne, North Dakota. Can you find any information about Stephen?
I'm also interested in the photographer. A single woman photographer in the wild west?! I can only think of one other right now (Wrensted).  So this is a very important photograph in the history of women photographers. Can you find any information about Miss Solberg of Sheyenne, North Dakota?
Good Luck!
*Image used with permission of eBay seller.

Friday, October 2, 2015

WeRelate Contest: Miss Pansy Jarnagin

This weeks WeRelate contest is from a postcard I saw at eBay. It is a photo of Evan Enoch home in Deer Park, Washington. But the subject is Miss Pansy Jarnagin - the recipient of the postcard. Can you find her in records? Does she have a connection to Evan Enoch? Good Luck!