Friday, October 9, 2015

WeRelate Contest: Sheriff Stephen Brown & Photographer Miss Solberg

c.1910 Cheyenne (Sheyenne) North Dakota Indian Sherriff eBay seller apple13

Found this image on eBay. I love vintage images with a juxtaposition of cultures - this man with his traditional hair pipe vest also has European spectacles and a sheriff's badge. He is the subject of our WeRelate contest this week. He has been identified by the eBay seller as Stephen Brown of Sheyenne, North Dakota. Can you find any information about Stephen?
I'm also interested in the photographer. A single woman photographer in the wild west?! I can only think of one other right now (Wrensted).  So this is a very important photograph in the history of women photographers. Can you find any information about Miss Solberg of Sheyenne, North Dakota?
Good Luck!
*Image used with permission of eBay seller.

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