Friday, December 18, 2015

Baby Joy's Tiny Room

dear santa love cathy auvil

Last year (2014) I had a goal to get all my paperwork, family photos, and memorabilia in order. I completely failed. So I have been working on it all 2015 and I am very close to being done. More on that later. In a box of memorabilia I found a "Dear Santa" letter that my Mom must have clipped from the Chewelah Independent - they printed every kid's letter every year (I wonder if they still do that?). I was curious about Boby Joy and her tiny room which turned out to be Baby Joy's Tiny Room. I found one on eBay.

I can see why I wanted it - it came in a suitcase! You could carry it anywhere you wanted and it had 1960s flower power designs. I can't remember if I actually got it. My Mom can't remember either. It's also interesting to me that it's a tiny room and I grew up to love tiny houses. 

I would have probably seen it in the Sears catalog. When we got the Sears catalog, Christmas edition, my sister and I would sit down and go through it and if I sat on the left of her I could have anything on the left side pages I wanted and she could have anything she wanted on the right side pages. I don't know who came up with that rule.

Finding this on eBay was fun and I have been thinking it might be a fun job to find things for people from their childhood. People who are too busy to find it on their own. Is their a toy from your past you have always wanted to find again?

Images courtesy of eBay seller connectibles. Used with permission.

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  1. We love finding treasures for our customers and can see why you were eager to find this toy that caught your eye as a child. I've never seen one before myself. Charming idea - let us know if you're trying to find anything else!